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My True Friend Thai !LINK! Full Movie Tagalog Version Songs

When Anne finds out Sasha was only using her and Marcy to get to Newtopia and start the Toad Rebellion, their rekindled friendship shatters with Anne lividly calling her a horrible person and ending their friendship to the point where she stubbornly (yet understandably) refuses to believe her when she warns her about King Andrias' true intentions, and she tried to kill her during their swordfight.[71] She puts aside her feelings about Sasha's betrayal when she regretfully realizes that she was right about King Andrias and they fight alongside each other against his robot army. When Anne gets transported back to Earth without Sasha, she makes it clear that her goal is to go back and save Sasha, while also making amends with her, calling her her "best" friend alongside Marcy, showing that she still believes Sasha wants to become a better person.

My True Friend Thai Full Movie Tagalog Version Songs


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