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"Congratulations on earning your first Lexia level completion certificate!" Pride stretches across the face and floods the room of a second grade student who began the year believing he would never be recognized for the achievement he is now holding in his hand. What turned his feeling of defeat into one of accomplishment? The support, guidance, an enthusiasm of his teacher, Katie Lee Yang. Katie is seasoned professional new to Fairfax County Schools this year. She excels at creating engaging lessons which combine technology with content knowledge and engage her energetic class of diverse learners physically and cognitively. Her classroom is full of laughter, learning, and self-confidence. Katie is also a master of relationship building. She takes the time to get to know her students personally and coordinates her support staff to leverage their strengths. As a result, everyone who joins the class feels the power of potential which comes from seeing individual work supported and encouraged through teamwork. Students are seen, understood, and heard, and as a result they feel safe reaching for goals they once thought out of reach and now routinely achieve. Katie Lee Yang inspires her students and colleagues with her commitment to responsive Culture, excellence in Academics, positive Relationships, and enriching Experiences for all Students (and those who collaborate with her."

"Gail Schiefelbein is an outstanding teacher. She never draws attention to herself, I'm not sure many staff members outside English and Special Ed know who she is, but it's 100% true. Gail's gift is to make others better. She's been my team teacher, I've been her IA, and I've seen her with any number of colleagues and students. In each of those interactions, the people she's surrounded by improve. She's the rising tide that lifts all boats. That she's able to accomplish this is no small feat because adult collaborations can be tricky, and small-group English classes are almost always filled with students who are used to 'being bad' at English. How then does she achieve it? Empathy, honesty, and hyper-competence. She starts virtually every class by asking students and adults in the room to share weekend plans, what happened over the weekend, anything they're looking forward to. It's not a manufactured icebreaker, there are no cutesy emojis, it's just people talking, a community that learns to care. She then includes books, clips, and games that kids like and invites IAs into every part of the process. Gail often sends IAs materials beforehand, mentions them in sub plans, provides full Pear Decks, and shows tests results. This unusual level of inclusion yields huge results. Most small-group English kids come in not liking reading. I don't know a single kid who hasn't liked Ghost. When they see two adults whip back and forth page by page, why wouldn't they? Students aren't being told Books Are Great; they're being shown a great story. A final reason for Gail's success is her competence. She is never in-your-face about it, but she is always on point. During virtual learning, she could flick in and out of nine student docs and three breakout rooms without skipping a beat. During Scrabble, Kahoot, and Word Generator, she is able to pleasantly crush all before her. She's able to turn several students you wouldn't expect to be into fierce competitors. They aren't often able to beat her (nor am I?!), but she enhances our game. We have to strive. Lastly, during writing prompt prep, she was able to take a student who repeatedly refused to write anything . . . and get him to write. I can generally get students to improve their behavior. Connection and deflection almost always work. This particular student seemed immovable. He was tapped out, and that was the end of it. Minutes later, though, there he was, beginning to write. She didn't yell at him, she didn't tell him how super-duper amazing he was, none of that. She was real with him, and he responded."

"Presenting information to a group of 20 students and having all 20 process it and follow up on it is not easy. Trey Reed does better, far better. On days when weather and scheduling make it a necessity, Trey does that for 120 students simultaneously, three full PE classes! His command of the material and the clarity of his directions make it happen. An element of empathy helps as well. Trey connects with exactly what kids want: to be able to move, interact, and have fun. Well-meaning long-winded lectures won't get them that. "Give me 2 minutes; I promise you'll be able to talk." Sometimes it's 3, 5, or 10 minutes, but it's always efficient and effective. The clever sleight of hand in Trey's approach is that kids end up learning more. Given the prospect of more work, most 8th graders would squawk. Ironically, though, they end up covering more material because he's able to frame it as a social experience. There's less teacher filler, fewer behavioral issues, and more genuine engagement. All of this helps Trey's colleagues as well. A team teacher or IA does not need to worry about the lesson, Trey can handle it. He also has the confidence to delegate, asking me to cover a tough lecture-hall health lesson. Moreover, he's participated in every year's student-faculty tournaments and rescued last year's redemption round. After a bunch of ref absences, Trey stepped in at the last minute and saved it. Last, Trey deserves credit for being so easy to work with. He's gone out of his way to share the health trailer, the afterschool closet, and even at one point, the Auld Shebeen bill. Collaboration can be rife with potential conflicts. With Trey, it never is. His warmth, humor, honesty, and flexibility make it a breeze."

"Sharon Peterson deserves FCPS Cares recognition because it seems like she cares for every person in FCPS. Frost students can tell she cares because she's with them in the trenches, whether that be the halls, the gym, or even (gulp) the cafeteria. She's not there to simply deliver information, she's determined to make them more fit, active, ethical people. Sometimes, this has meant staying for more than an hour of volleyball even though she wasn't working that day. Other times, it's meant powering through a full deck of cards: 52 exercises 4 times a day. She also joined 8th graders at the school dance in a full-circle moment and convinced 8th graders in PE opposed to ever dancing to learn new moves. Frost staff can tell she cares because she's right alongside them at Unified Special Olympics, Chat Club, ESY, SGA, Jump Start, Lift Off, a trip to NYC, a trip to WV, and many staff birthdays. On a personal level, I've loved how she's mentioned my value at IEP meetings and given me an active role/voice in each lesson. I also found it mind blowing that within a few weeks of working together, she asked if my family wanted to get together with her family for a concert. At the height of Covid, that virtual Foo Fighters show was a blast a reminder what we could one day look forward to live. To summarize Sharon, another musician comes to mind: James Taylor. Come Winter, Spring, Summer, or Fall, all anyone at Frost has to do is call. She'll be there. With Sharon around, everyone has a friend."

"Jeri Thomas is full of math jokes. They're on her walls, shirts, slides, warmups, Schoology site, and in conversations with students. They make math (and middle school) enjoyable for some, really enjoyable for others, and bearable for all. Historically, students have misgivings about math, but I've never heard consistent ones about Jeri's class. Her ability to keep things firm but light contributes to that. Of all the math jokes I've heard, this best fits Jeri: "Why was the equal sign so humble? It knew it wasn't > or

"Ms. LaCrosse is the new special education lead at Rolling Valley Elementary School. She ran our triennial re-evaluation and re-eligibility meeting, and it was the smoothest IEP-related meeting that we have had in recent memory. She is incredibly knowledgeable about FCPS as a whole, the SEA-STARS software, and the forms and processes involved. Her collaboration with our IEP team members was seamless, and it was clear she had fully prepared herself regarding our daughter's needs and current IEP before the meeting. At points throughout the meeting, she asked us if how she was presenting the material was in a way that was helpful to us and offered to make changes if needed. She ensured our parent input was recorded thoroughly and accurately throughout the document. Her professionalism resulted in one of the shortest IEP-related meetings we have ever had. We really appreciate her collaborative approach, which we also know is a hallmark of Rolling Valley's culture."


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