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UPDATED Download CleanConnect Master Connection V1.0 [Ad-Free]

Here, the useful Android tool allows its users to easily test their Internet and check the network performances through many statistics. With one single tap, you can easily access the worldwide servers and get accurate measurements in matters of seconds. Discover the current internet speed from your connections, both download and upload, and unlock many other useful statistics as you wish.

Download CleanConnect Master Connection v1.0 [Ad-Free]

Download Zip:

Unlock the download and upload speed of your selected networks, along with the current ping latency. Perform advanced ping tests to guarantee your network stability, which is absolutely crucial when it comes to online games. Test your Wi-Fi signal strength to easily find the strongest connection points. And always keep track of your connection speed with the live status bar.

To make sure that you can comfortably work with the app, SpeedTest Master is also functional on many different connections with little troubles. Simply enable the app to calculate your LTE, 3G, 4G, ADSL, Wi-Fi, and many other types of connections. Thus, allowing you to easily test your download and upload speed, ping latency, network stability, and other important statistics on any connected networks.


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