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Daniel Rogers

Minecraft Slenderman Map ^HOT^ Download

In 2012, the Slender Man was adapted into a video game titled Slender: The Eight Pages; within its first month of release, the game was downloaded over 2 million times.[citation needed] Several popular variants of the game followed, including Slenderman's Shadow[20] and Slender Man for iOS, which became the second most-popular app download.[21] The sequel to Slender: The Eight Pages, Slender: The Arrival, was released in 2013.[22] Several independent films about the Slender Man have been released or are in development, including Entity[23] and The Slender Man, released free online after a $10,000 Kickstarter campaign.[24] In 2013, it was announced that Marble Hornets would become a feature film.[19]

Minecraft Slenderman Map Download

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