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First Time Buying Contact Lenses !!TOP!!

Choosing the right contacts can be difficult. It's hard to decide which lenses may be the most comfortable for you or which is best brand for your eyes. Even the price is a consideration. And that's why you're here!

first time buying contact lenses

They allow for more oxygen to reach the cornea than other types of soft contact lenses and can be more comfortable to wear. With more oxygen flow, this type of contact lens reduces the risks of hypoxia or oxygen deficiency. As a result, this lessens your chance of eye infections and irritation as well.

Hybrid lenses are gas permeable at the center with a hydrogel or silicone hydrogel outer edge. They are not as popular with contact lens wearers because they are more difficult to fit and slightly more expensive than soft lenses. However, they are just as comfortable as their silicone hydrogel rivals.

The next thing you need to consider when deciding which type of contact lens to choose is how much time you want to dedicate to care and cleaning. Different types of contact lenses call for different care routines. Depending on your personal preferences, this will affect the levels of convenience as well.

Daily disposable contacts are worn only once for a day and then thrown away. Some people may think of this as wasteful, but it can be a convenient way to avoid getting bacteria on your lenses from improper care.

Weekly wear contacts are for regular daily use and cleaned nightly for a week before disposal. Many people prefer weekly wear lenses because the risks of bacterial deposits forming on the lenses are minimal.

You should clean them proficiently and store them away each night. Although monthly wear contacts may be easier on your wallet, you might have to devote more time to them. Cleaning them each night reduces your chances of infection and discomfort.

Your contact lens prescription may have a few different symbols or abbreviations that indicate how and why they will fit your eye. This is important for your order no matter where you purchase your lenses.

If you're having a difficult time finding contact lenses that fit you correctly, you may be a candidate for custom contact lenses. As lenses made to order for your specific visual needs, they will not only give you better comfort, but also sharper visual acuity.

These contacts can block out up to 97% of UVB and 81% of UVA rays. But you should always wear sunglasses in addition to UV-blocking lenses for maximum protection. Contact lenses cannot protect the entire eye surface or the surrounding areas.

The lenses you receive in the mail should be exactly what you ordered. No substitutions and no creativity with the measurements will suffice. Check the information on the contact lens box against your prescription and make sure it all adds up. If the retailer has deviated from your order in any way, you should return the contact lenses and request a full refund.

Proper care of your contacts can help maintain healthy eyes and can prolong the life of your contacts. Experts recommend the following tips to caring for your contact lenses and protecting your eyes from infection:

Getting makeup in your eye is annoying. But it's even worse with contacts, because it can stick to the lenses instead of flushing right out. Follow these tips to keep your eyes looking and feeling good:

Devices for removing contact lenses, called "plungers," also are available from your eye doctor. They can be used to touch and remove a lens from your eye. Make sure you touch only the lens and not your eye's surface with these devices.

Eye care professionals urge consumers to undergo regular eye exams (typically once a year) to ensure their contact lens prescription is up to date, since the health of your eyes can change between checkups. Never buy contact lenses with an expired prescription, eye care experts say.

In addition to ensuring the brand is correct, double-check whether the power and other details are right, the FDA says. If something about the lenses appears to be wrong, contact your eye care professional and the retailer.

Before buying contact lenses from an online retailer, do some online research. Look at customer reviews, and visit the websites of organizations like the Better Business Bureau to see whether complaints have been filed against the retailer.

The most important thing to remember is to leave the contacts in solution when you're not wearing them. This cleans the lenses and leaves them hydrated so they're more comfortable when you have them in.

To ensure your contacts function correctly, always follow your prescription. Don't sleep with your lenses on or wear them for longer than what your eye doctor ordered. Continuous wear contacts are the only lenses you can sleep in. Just consult your doctor before you use them in this way.

Contact lenses are a great way to improve your vision without the burden of glasses. But you can experience issues, such as dry contacts or irritated eyes. Put your first time concerns behind you. Keep these tips in mind so you know what to do in case any of these problems arise.

ContactsDirect does not have BBB accreditation and has an F rating. At time of publication, the average customer review rating is 1.17 out of 5 stars, with customers writing that they had issues with returns and refunds and issues with product quality. However, there are not many comments about contact lenses.

There are many different types of contact lenses. Daily use lenses are lenses that people use and discard daily, while a person wears long-term lenses for longer periods, for example, every 2 weeks or monthly. The lenses that a person selects can affect the price and the number of boxes they need to order.

A person should have more frequent eye exams if they are at risk of vision issues, such as people with a family history of eye disease, people who use contact lenses, people with diabetes, or people who have had eye injuries or surgery.

If a person has eye pain, blurred vision, floaters, or other changes to their vision, they should schedule an appointment with an eye doctor. They should also contact a doctor if their contact lenses irritate their eyes or cause pain.

When you buy contact lenses they will be custom made to your eye. We look at all types of unique features like the structure of your eye, your tears and visual acuity to find the best type of lens material, replacement schedule and brand for your eye.

Even if you only want contacts for show, like a colour or an effect lens, you will need to make an optometrist appointment as contact lenses can only be fitted by an eye care practitioner. You and Eye can assess your needs, write a prescription for the proper size, shape, power as well as recommend the best brand of lenses for your perfect vision.

We would love to talk to you about our price range or have you in for a look at what your best options are. No matter what your current glasses prescription is, even if you have astigmatism, talk to us about your options. If you would really like a change talk to our staff about prescription coloured contact lenses.

Contact lenses are very safe, however, they require proper care in order to ensure the eye is not damaged. It is important you follow the care instructions provided by your eye doctor (we will also go over contact lens care later in the guide) and always properly clean your contacts and case. In addition, all contacts have specific replacement schedules that must be followed in order to avoid a build-up of lens deposits and other potentially harmful materials. Never over-wear your contacts, as this could lead to serious problems and damage.

Sleeping in your contacts is generally not advised unless you are wearing contacts that are specifically designed to be slept in. One of the biggest mistakes people make when it comes to contacts is sleeping in them when they are not supposed to. Not only can this decrease the longevity of the lenses, but it can cause damage to your eyes. If you are looking for contacts that you can sleep in, be sure and bring this up during your contact lens fitting. The more information your optometrist has, the better chance you have of being fitted with a contact that will support your vision, rather than hinder it.

Just like with daily contacts, there are numerous options out there for monthly lenses. From Air Optix Night and Day (yes, you can sleep in them!) to Biofinity and Acuvue, we carry all the name brands. For those with astigmatism or other vision concerns, there are specifically designed lenses that will provide you with the comfort you need.

To learn more about what to expect when making the switch from glasses to contacts, or if you are a first-time contact-wearer, please contact First Eye Care DFW. We hope this guide will help you better understand how to buy, wear, and care for your contact lenses.

Buying contact lenses may seem like an easy process for long-term contact lens wearers. However, it can be an incredibly overwhelming process for first-time buyers. Fear not, though. This guide on buying contact lenses will put your mind at ease and take you through all the essential stages of ordering contact lenses online. This is an important part of eye care.

Before you buy contact lenses, you should get an eye test. Opticians and Eye Care Professionals recommend for patients/customers to have regular eye exams, usually once a year to make sure that their contact lens prescription is up to date. All contact lenses require a prescription, including cosmetic/non-prescription/coloured lenses and customers/patients must be fitted with contact lenes.

Before buying contact lenses, take a look at the customer reviews on sites such as Trustpilot or Google. You may also want wish to review their refund policy and delivery service before placing your order. You should only purchase your contact lenses from reputable brands that have been FDA approved.

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