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Eyes N06 By Anonimux Simmer At TSR \/\/TOP\\\\

What we love about the Sims 4 community is that it keeps on expanding with new content and features. With the introduction of CC, the game has become more versatile, and simmers can now download everything from custom hairstyles to furniture and accessories. In this post, we will be highlighting the absolute best Sims 4 CC packs that you can download for free.

Eyes N06 by Anonimux Simmer at TSR

Download Zip:

Come check out our favorite Maxis Match CC makeup set for the Sims 4 which is perfect for any Sim. It is a stunning and simple eye shadow and lipstick combo that will make your Sim look elegant and polished as they are walking down city streets or lounging in their home. There is a mix of different tones and shades for both the eyeshadow and the lipstick.

This is a custom pack of glamour makeup for your Sims 4 game. It offers 2 eyeshadows and 2 eyeliners. We have actually tried it ourselves and we were impressed with the look of each item. The eye shadows are shimmery which gave off a 3D look and we loved the graphic eyeliners that come with it. Soft Vibes, the new makeup collection is designed to provide a chic and professional look for Sims. Install from this page. 041b061a72


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