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Buy Sea Glass Beads !!TOP!!

We're incredibly excited to offer you a huge selection of recycled sea glass beads for sale. We have over 60 different styles of beads and pendants in over 36 amazing colors, so you can find the perfect style and color beads for each of your next jewelry making projects. Our cultured sea glass beads have a smooth matte finish: they are designed to simulate the polish that would naturally be created by time, sand and the sea.

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Whether you're starting on a new necklace for yourself or a birthday bracelet for a loved one, we know you'll love working with our sea glass and incorporating the beads into your upcoming designs. They look gorgeous both on their own and mixed beautifully with other bead styles and components. Browse our new beads now or take a look at our complete selection and shop by bead shape, color or type today. Remember: when your order totals $50 or more, we'll cover the shipping!

Glass chandeliers are also made for glassiers, jewelry suppliers on offer a wide range of choices in different sizes, colors, and shapes. Silicate and smooth blue sea beads are also used in glass beads making, for example, domety chandeliers, glassiers. They also come in a variety of colors and shapes, silicate and smooth colors, such as gold, blue, and yellow.

Make the most of this growing market by contacting several wholesale glass beads suppliers on Alibaba. Choose from a variety of sea glass beads for jewelry and other beads from string jewelry suppliers on

They also come in different shapes and sizes, so when buying wholesale from the wholesalers on the eCommerce platform, you will find a lot of choices in different shapes, and even color. Buy sea glass beads bulk from and start buying wholesale now!

Add a coastal touch to your space with our vintage sea glass beads. Place them on a stack of books, tray, or vase to get a casual coastal look. Each piece is handcrafted. Imperfections are part of the character. Minor variation in color/shape/size is normal for hand-made products and not considered a manufacturing defect.

These beautiful ocean blue, vintage sea glass beads are the quintessential coastal accessory. Pair with strands of another color and set on top of books, in a bowl or drape a single strand around the neck of a lamp for a subtle coastal touch.

Add a creative touch to your home or garden with the stylish and artful glass bead products. Skillfully crafted to be durable, these products will certainly bring a new dimension to any indoor or outdoor ambiance. Wear this glass bead as a necklace or wrap it around a wrist and wear it as wrap bracelet. It has natural look and unique design. Make a sculpture and enjoy a line of decor products that will make you peaceful and serene.

Give your ensemble a finishing touch with plenty of character from this strand of beads. Made in the Philippines, it is crafted from wood with a natural beige finish for a breezy appearance. Round beads dominate most of the 39'' strand, and a teardrop bead marks the end to tie it all together. Try hanging them by the window as the light shines through, or use them to accent a console table display.

The seaglass rope object is a decorative sculptural piece made up of frosted white art glass orbs knotted together with rope to resemble a loose string of beads. The sculpture has a coastal-inspired look.

Lend a dash of coastal charm to your glassware collection with the eye-catching stemless wine glass. Each 21-ounce glass in this set of four features a different emblem of the sea, including a nautilus shell, starfish, fan shell, and sand dollar. The stemless shape means they're dishwasher safe and less prone to breakage than their stemmed counterparts. With this handsome mixed set, you'll never forget which glass is yours.

Add something unique this year to your tree with these beautiful shell ornaments. Made of colorful glass and decorated in sparkling sequins, these ornaments will be the perfect final touch to your Christmas decor.

This clear aquamarine glass vase carries a crisp and clean minimalist coastal vibe reminiscent of the ocean, display it with jute rope Decor, seashells, and sand to complement its design concept. This item ships in 1 carton. Due to the handmade nature of this item, no two will be alike, there will be slight differences in shape, size, and color. Suitable for indoor use only. Made in Spain. This is a single vase. Contemporary style. Vase has a 2.50 in mouth opening.

Genuine Sea Glass is a term that I starting using in 1992 when By The Sea Jewelry first went online. Now used widely, it has become the standard term to indicate that sea glass is natural found glass just the way it was picked up from the beach. We now use the term Certified Genuine Sea Glass to distinguish ourselves from the pack.

Certified Genuine Sea Glass means that we verify the sea glass in the most complete way possible. Other terms include, Natural Sea Glass, Real Sea Glass, Found Sea Glass, Pure Sea Glass, True Sea Glass, Unaltered Sea Glass, Authentic Sea Glass, well, get the idea!

Genuine Sea Glass means the sea glass in your jewelry is UNALTERED from the way it was found on the beach (not tumbled or created by any artificial means and not colored). Real natural sea glass comes from old bottles, jars and other glass items that have been discarded in the ocean and tumbled naturally by waves and sand over many many years.

By The Sea Jewelry is proud to offer some of the rarest sea glass pieces available for public sale. We have invested decades in collecting and tens of thousand of dollars to provide our customers with the finest sea glass and sea glass jewelry in the world!

With the publications of books, magazines and the rise of the internet, sea glass began to grow in demand and popularity in mid 1990's. Collectors around the world began selling sea glass on sites like Ebay. This also spurred the greedy and dishonest to "create" fake sea glass usually in rare colors that demanded a higher price. Unfortunately, some people were using this in jewelry either thinking it was real OR simply not knowing or caring. The NASGA (North American Sea Glass Association) was formed to band together sellers and artists pledging to use and sell ONLY real sea glass.

Many sites today are labeling products "Sea Glass" that are nothing but frosted glass or beads. Sites like Amazon, Ebay and Etsy are notorious for this. While there are a few people on these sites selling the real thing, there are MANY selling the manmade version .

There is nothing wrong with fake sea glass for crafts and decorating as long as it is labeled as such. Some disclose that it is "Cultured Sea Glass" or "Man Made" or "Recycled Sea Glass". Some do NOT!

When we can, we have also started to photograph our jewelry with close up macro shots to show you the telltale "C"'s that indicate Genuine Naturally aged sea glass (similar to the photo in "Pure Sea Glass" by Richard Lamotte, considered to be the sea glass bible).

We also personally certify with our experience and our 30 year reputation in this field, that each piece of sea glass jewelry we sell is authentic, natural or genuine sea glass & we sign our name to it!

We will give you the most in depth knowledge possible of the sea glass used in your piece(s). This means we will tell the provenance of the sea glass including Color, The Location Found, Possible Source, as well as the Quality , Color and Rarity values.

Each piece we sell comes with a description of how to tell "Certified Genuine Sea Glass" from artificial, faux or craft glass. We go the extra mile by photographing much of our jewelry with a macro lens so you can see the pitting of the real sea glass piece(s) used in our jewelry!

1.Pores & Texture - Are the main feature of real sea glass. Under a microscope or macro lens, these pores resemble small "c" shaped abrasions caused by years of tumbling in the surf with the different sizes of sand, gravel and hydration from decades of exposure to the water. (Fake or faux sea glass seldom has uneven texture because the media used to tumble it in a commercial machine is uniform in size or the glass has been etched with chemicals leaving no pores. While faux sea glass has a certain appeal, it does not have the beauty nor value of naturally collected sea glass).

2. Frost - upon removal from the water, crystalline formations or a frost can be seen on real sea glass. You can conceal the frost and magnify the color of your jewelry by rubbing a drop of oil into the surface.

Frost is caused by years of exposure to water where the structure of the glass actually breaks down from salinity; hydroxide then leaches to the surface of the glass. It is NOT salt residue. Salinity of the water has a great effect on sea glass, it adds to the hydration process and therefore the quality of the glass.

(Faux glasses can have tumbling residue but not the have the true frost of real sea glass some fake glasses are achieved by tumbling and acid etching). Frost can sometimes be lost in the jewelry making process but can be brought back by cleaning with alcohol. 041b061a72


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