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Medion Gopal 6 Q4 2012

The GoPal 460, 465 and 470 as well as PNA 460, 465 and 470 sport a new, curvy, 13 x 9 x 2cm design that's rather slicker than the more boxy look the company unveiled at its last GPS launch, in July. All three of the new models ship with a car kit and use SiRF's SiRFstar III GPS chip.

Medion Gopal 6 Q4 2012

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A long-time consumer of both Medion GPS devices (PNA) and third-party GPS devices (e.g. Garmin, TomTom) that mostly will never have to deal with the issues you will experience in this tutorial. For all others, this article will be helpful.

There's a vast range of GPS accessories and gadgets that allow you to enhance your device. A vast choice of different batteries in various sizes, extra antennae, car kits, global maps, safety kits and screen protectors are available at all good car stereo and car navigation centres. At DVX you can choose from a specialist range of genuine MEDION accessories, carefully selected for their performance, durability and quality. Choose from a wide range of car kits, GPS antennae, batteries, screen protectors, cables and plugs, hooks and handstraps and more. You can also check out our accessories and GPS kits online at DVX's website

MEDION GPS navigation is now the most powerful navigation system available on the market. With the B8100 series, there is now no need for another integration element. Further quality improvements ensure that the entire product range leads the competition. It is compact, robust and easy to use and installs in minutes. And thanks to 5.8G, built-in devices such as FM-radio and TV functions can also be fitted. The B8100 series is also available in two new, easy-to-use packages.


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