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Scientist The Best Dub Album In The World Rar |VERIFIED|

Hi Marc, great to hear the story of Snow from an American perspective. I didn't know that his single and album were SUCH great successes. And I hadn't seen the Jim Carey video. Hilarious! When the song came out in Germany I was a writer for a music magazine. And I remember how the A&R people were praising it as one of the world wonders that a guy was chatting in patois, and that he was WHITE. Well, you could say that's their job, but I didn't (want to) see the point. To me the track was okay, but not much more. When it came to Non Jamaicans with Patois lyrics I was into Apache Indian =D_bdl6TS1tg&feature=related. But ethnicity and authenticity are such difficult and interesting topics, looking forward to find out more. Thanks for writing this post.

Scientist The Best Dub Album In The World Rar


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