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Desika Prabandham Tamil Pdf Download VERIFIED

We have started this Web site to propagate the teachings of Bhagavad Ramanuja popularly known as Vishishtadvaita or Srivaishnavam.It is our sincere desire to serve the bhagavathas around the globe thru this Cyber satsangh by providing Stotras,Divya prabandham in multiple lanugages and more importantly in Audio format.We have ambitious plans to make this web page as a good reference source for all srivaishnavas with important sampradayic related materials and we seek the blessings of Divya dhampathis and Our most mercilful acharyas to acheive this goal.New: You may read this article which will give an idea of our activitiesOur regular satsangh activities are :Weekly satsangh of Divya Prabandham. This is being conducted for the past 10 years or so without break.We are blessed with a dedicated goshti in a far away land from bharatha punya bhumi.Monthly Sravanam satsangh to recite Swami Desikan's Stotras and Pranbandhams, and this kaimkarayam is on since 1997. Thanks to Sri. IVK Chary swamin, we have learnt a few stotrams and every year on Purattasi Sravanam we used to celebrate Swami Desikan and Thiruvengadamudaiyan's Thirunakshatram in a grand way.We also celebrate Bhagavad Ramanuja's thirunakshatram, Sri Manavala maamuni's thirunakshtram and other Azhvars and Srivaishnava acharyas thirunakshatrams.Now Bhagavad Ramanuja's thirunakshatram and SrI Manavala maamuni's thirunakshatram are being celebrated every month on Thiruvadhirai and Moolam respectively.New:Read the article that appeared in The Hindu regarding our Swami desikan Thirunakshatram celebrations. We also support other kaimkaryams like publication of poorvacharyaL's works, renovation of temples etc. Starting August 2000, we are sending in our monthly contribution to support nitya aradhanam of Thanjai maamaNik koil, a divya desam in Thanjavour.This kaimkaryam will be on regular basis.We all know that most of the divya desams are not in a financially sound condition to conduct utsavams and even nitya aradhanam. We would encourage you to get involved in these kaimkaryams.Just send me a note of your interest.We have released few MP3 CDs containing the entire divya prabandham etc.Srimad Azhagiya singar and SrI Velukkudi krishnan are blessed this kaimkaryam with Srimukams.You may like to see the contents and own your copy.Go here for details.Srimad Azhagiya singar thiruvadigale saranam.Venkataraghava dasan.(Click here to read a brief note about me.)

Desika Prabandham Tamil Pdf Download

Malayalam divya prabandham link is active now. We have lost the divya prabandham meaning files uploaded on a free server.If anyone has downloaded this please share with us for reconstruction.

  • The version presented here was typed (as text files) in by a small group of volunteers from USA in 1994,and modified by a group of srivaishnavas in bahrain in Feb 2000. Basically all the typos are fixed,compound tamil words are re pharsed and more importanatly we have added pause marks(*) for ease of recitation by listening to the audio recitation of Sri.Sevelimedu swamy.We have then converted the text files to a tamil document.Our sincere thanks to all the bhagavathas who has originally typed the text version and Bahrain devotees who has improved the original version as mentioned above.Hope you will enjoy our collection and do send your comments to Sri.R.Venkat.First Thousand (Mudhal Aiyiram)ThaniyanPeriyaazhvaar thirumozhiFirst centurySecond CenturyThird CenturyFourth CenturyFifth Century

  • ThiruppaavaiNaachhiyaar thirumozhiPerumaaL thirumozhiThirucchanda virutthamThirumaalaiThiruppaLLiyezucchiAmalanaathipiraankaNNi nuN sirutthaambu PERIYA THIRUMOZHIPeriya thirumozhiFirst CenturySecond CenturyThird CenturyFourth CenturyFifth CenturySixth CenturySeventh CenturyEighth CenturyNinth CenturyTenth CenturyEleventh Century

  • Thiru kurun thaaNdagamThiru nedun thaaNdagam THIRUVAAYMOZHIThiruvaaymozhi Koyil thiruvaymozhiFirst CenturySecond CenturyThird CenturyFourth CenturyFifth CenturySixth CenturySeventh CenturyEighth CenturyNinth CenturyTenth Century

  • IYARPAMudhal thiruvandhadhiiraNdaam thiruvanthaathiMoonram thiruvandhadhiNaanmugan thiruvandhadhiThiruvruththamThiruvasiriyamPeria thiruvandhadhithiru ezukooRRirukkaiSiriya thirumadalPeria thirumadalIraamaanusa noorandhadhi

  • SaRRumuRai kramam Tamil Document: Sarrumurai1, Sarrumurai2, in bahrainOther related PoemsThe following poems are NOT part of the naalaayira divya prabandham, but they are related to them. Swamy Vedanta Desika's prabandha saram provides the pasuram details, their count and details of the azhvars composed it.The azhvars birth month, thirunakshatram and birth place are beautifully codified by Swamy Desikan.The other prabandham "Thiruvaymozhi noorandhadhi" is composed by Sri Manavala maamuni in praise of Swamy namaazhvaar's Thiruvaymozhi.SrI Peria vAchchaan pillai's Pasurappadi ramayanam is an brilliant attempt to bring the entire epic of Ramayana from the pasurams of Divya prabandham. He has brilliantly assembled the lines from various divya prabandhams from memory and the poem is so fluent and easy to understand the Ramayana.Sri Vedanta Desika's prabandha saaramSri ManavaaLa Maamuni's thiruvaaymozhi nURRanthaathiSrI Peria vachchan Pillai's Pasurappadi Ramayanam Tamil Doc

If you like to read a short description of Srimad Bhagavad Gita,(which is highly recommended) giving details about each chapter and important verses of each chapter, click here .We are presenting Bhagavad gita in itrans,Tamil and Sanskrit version chapter wise.Click the appropriate link to view the text ,tamil or sanskrit document.You will require Adhawin and Xdvng fonts to read the tamil and sanskrit pages which can be downloaded by clicking the links above

What you require,Dress code,Time frame,what to offerYou will require five small cups(vattils) of same size and one plate to place them. These are for offering argyaM,paadyaM etc to Perumal. One extra cup shall be required for paduka aaradhanam. UddhariNi( small spoon) One little larger vessel (partigraha patram) to collect the argya tiirtha and also for collecting tirumanjana tiirtham One small plate with holes (diameter equivalent to the rim of the pratigraha patram) for placing the salagrama moorti for tirumanjanam. One vessel (ThirukkAvEri sombu) for keeping water.Mix draviya parimala powder( This powder is made of cardamam,saffron,green campher and clove. Nicely dry grind them in a mixie and store it in an airtight container.Receipe: 20 cardamams with out skin,20 cloves, a tiny piece of green campher and little saffron will make the parimala powder for 15 days) in the water. One small altar or peedam for placing the permal after tirumanjanam and HE will receive the archana,food and listen to sarrumurai etc while seating here. After paryagaasana he will be back to the koyilaazhvar for HIS yoga nidra. One small plate for keeping tulsi leaves,pushpam.(Tulasi plucking has some rules.see them here) One small cup/plate for keeping sandal paste One large spoon for offering dhUpam One large spoon for offering diipam made of cotton wick soaked in ghee(clarified butter)or karpooram(campher). One madi vastram for wiping perumal after tirumanjanam. Sandal wood and and a small base stone for grinding.Never offer the sandalpowder brought from the shop.Always grind fresh sandal paste and add little green campher( pachchai karpooram in tamil) Keep one cup of water with spoon separately for your own use for washing your fingers during the tiruvaradanam.Don't mix it with the Perumal tiirtham. ghaNTa(Bell) The vessels and Thirukkaveri (sombu) and the peetam etc can be made of silver or pancha loka.Other items can be made of brass.Stainless steel should be avoided.If you are planning to get them new then it would cost around Rs 6,000 to Rs 7,000/ (Year 2000 estimate) Dress code: We do have dress code for office and parties etc.. We obey by those codes without questioning.Similarly we have to observe the dress code for this too.Yes we have to wear traditional attaire while performing nityanushtanam and tiruvaradhanam. Wear Pancha kachcham and the uttiriyam(towel) should be tied at the waist (like a belt) Also it is essential to wear dwadasha urdva pundram while performing thiruvaradhanam.If due to time constraint this is not practical atleast wear thiruman and srichurnam on your fore head and behind the neck(kesava, damodara urdva pundram).Atleast wear 12 thiruman on holidays,acharya/azhvar and perumal thirunakshatrams and important days like ekadasi,dwadasi. Time: The entire tiruvaradhanam won't take more than half an hour once you are fully used to the procedure.In case of time limitation the recitation of divya prabandham can be shortened to suit as suggested in the following paragraphs.You procedure is very simple and you will surprise that the whole procedure is so easy and joyful and you may wonder why this was not done all these years.Again you can skip the detailed bhudha suddi kramam if you are short of time. I think we can devote half an hour of our day to perform tiruvaradanam to HIM who has given EVERY THING to us. The ijyaa is performed at mid morning traditionally.This may pose a problem for office goers like us.adiyen has enquired about this to learned scholars and their advice is that if you can't do at the prescribed mid morning time(ijyaa kalam), then no harm in doing this in the morning before going to office, after performing sandya vandanam and maadhyanikam. Remember that if you don't perform thiruvaradhanam it is not a sin but if you don't perform sandya vandanam and maadhyanikam it is a sin.Atleast on holidays try to perform thiruvaradhanam in the ijyaa kalam. What to offer: Perumal is happy with what ever we offer with love and care. Krishna says in Gita that" If a devotee offers a fruit, a leaf or a flower with love I accept it with great joy". So it the love and care that is more important than what you offer. That aside it is traditional to offer cooked rice and dal during bhojyaasanam if the full meal is not ready in the morning.Even if this is not practical atleast offer warm milk and fruits.Make sure that you don't eat anything which is not offered to perumal.This self discipline is very important and it is not difficult once you commit yourself. Please discuss with your elders and acharya about the ahara niyamam as detailed discussion on this topic is beyond the scope of this discussion. One important note: These days the tiruvaradanam procedure is available in the web and there are books in the market.Please don't start doing this unless you are undergone pancha samskaram or samasrayanam from your acharya.Also you MUST learn from a qualified person who is doing thiruvaradhanam regularly.These pages can be used as an learning aid for reference. It is beleived that you have salagrama moorthy in your home handed over to you from your parents/grand parents.At home traditionally the aradanam is performed to salagrama shila and dwaraka shila.These moorthies doen't requrire prathishta and it is easy for grahasta for worshipping.Vigraha aradana is very good but it requires avahanam etc and you will have to worship as stipulated in sastras.If you don't have a salagrama moorthy then you can have a small vigraha of krishna and do the tiruvaradanam. If even this is not available no harm in worshipping a photo of a perumal.It is the spirit that is important. However try to acquire one salagrama moorthy at the earliest. Back to Top Disclaimer: adiyen do not claim that he is perfect in performing tiruvaaraadanam.Out of great interest, adiyen has learnt this procedure from various sources and watching learned bhagavathas performing ijyaa. adiyen has originally penned the procedure for his own reference and now many bhagavathas have requested adiyen to share this information with them.adiyen was hesitant fully knowing the limitations,but later thought that nothing wrong in sharing whatever is known to adiyen to the interested the bhagavathas. After all, they too wants to make a start. Then adieyn has carefully read the ahnika granta of Srimad Azhagiya singar and the procedure is already there in a simple tamil.What a lucid presentation.This book is a must for every srivaishnava. adiyen has tried to explain the ijyaa procedure from this book. Please do approach a qualified bhagavatha and learn from him personally.adiyen seeks the pardon of bhagavthas for any inaccuracies and mistakes in this humble attempt.


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