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[S3E10] Troubled Water

Yup, Jason is back with Crane. Thanks to the stunt Scarecrow pulled Jason fears the Titans will never take him back because they believe he had something to do with it. The start of the episode shows the repercussions of the poisoned water and it is absolutely terrifying. Anyone who drank the water is irrational, violent, and completely mad.

[S3E10] Troubled Water

Crane: And what has Nightwing done? He's robbing you. Poisoning the very water you drink, the water you give to your children. Nightwing is a criminal. Protected by Gotham City Police. Only you can stop him. There will be a $50,000 reward paid to the person who brings him in. Dead or alive. But take heart, Gotham, a new hero will rise, and you will know his name. Red Hood.

"Troubled Water" opens with Dick Grayson/Nightwing the same hospital room from Titans Season 3, Episode 8, "Home," looking at the eye chart onto which he hallucinated a bat. It's clear something is having an effect on Nightwing, though just what isn't clear. Meanwhile, Barbara Gordon and the Gotham City Police Department try and tackle Scarecrow's hallucinogenic spreading throughout the city. As one person notes, more than half the city's population has already drunk the water. This has thus caused a massive amount of chaos in Gotham.

This all puts Barbara in a tough position. Her advisors end up telling her that shutting off the water and purging the system would take several days. This then means Gotham would be without fresh water for some time, and that's obviously not a good thing. However, when she learns the National Guard is building a perimeter around Gotham and quarantining the city, she opts to have the GCPD shut down the water.

Sometime after shooting Tim, Scarecrow and Jason Todd/Red Hood join again forces. The former takes the latter to a garage. Scarecrow then rambles about Edward Bernays, an early ad executive, and the power of ideas. Crane says he plans on selling Gotham a new product and then widely shares a doctored video undermining trust in the Titans, claiming Nightwing is responsible for the poisoned water. Finally, Crane puts out a bounty on Nightwing and claims Red Hood will rise as a new hero. Dick and Barbara, though, vow to fight for Gotham City. 041b061a72


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