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The Compliant Staff In Italian Free Download

Employers may use a third-party vendor or organization, have existing staff deliver the IDHR's model sexual harassment prevention training, or create and deliver their own training that complies with the minimum standards outlined in the IHRA. Employers should review any third-party training to ensure it meets or exceeds the minimum standards required under Section 2-109 and/or Section 2-110. For more information about minimum training standards, please visit and download IDHR Handout SHP-TR01 for general employers and Handout SHP-TR02 for restaurants and bars.

The Compliant Staff in italian free download

One of the most obvious places to visit in order to find free HIPAA internal training is the official website of the U.S. Department of Health & Human Services. Their site links to several computer-based training modules which need to be downloaded in order to access.

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