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Michael Kors Watches Serial Number Check [PATCHED]

The contents - A genuine Michael Kors watch, will always contain some additional links. The display pillow - Genuine MK watch pillows have the seam somewhat inset so they are visible from above, as opposed to fakes that will resemble a standard pillow with the seams only visible from the side. The box - The rim of the box itself should be deeper with the brand name embossed on the bottom edge. Similarly the top of the box should be very deep so that it almost reaches the bottom of the box. If the packaging contains the words limited edition on there in any form, or is missing a batch stamp on the outside, this is guaranteed to be a fake. The paperwork - With all genuine Michael Kors watches, there will be a warranty booklet and user manual. Check that any model numbers match those found on the watch caseback and there are no errors or discrepancies with the logo or text. This includes such as letter spacing, fonts, spelling errors and dates.

michael kors watches serial number check

If you discover the watch you have purchased turns out to be fake, we recommend contacting both the original vendor, trading standards and the authorities so this can be dealt with via the proper channels. It is unlikely that you will get your money back, however you can ensure that no one else is scammed. This also applies if you have not received the product and have had no response from the vendor or if you have received the product but feel that what you received was not what was promised. If you are still not sure about your watch, bring it in for one of our experts to look at! We are also here to help if your watch is damaged or requires parts & spares, repairs, glass replacement, dial restoration, strap size adjustment or battery replacement. Creative Watch Co sell only genuine Michael Kors watches in Birmingham. For great discounts on all our watches, check out our sale!

(adsbygoogle = window.adsbygoogle []).push(); 1 The first thing to check on a Michael Kors watch is the packaging. We normally prefer to focus more on the product itself, rather than the packaging but the counterfeits are so close, we need to reference both.If your watch is new, most watches will include extra links that come in a separate plastic bag. If it does, it is most likely real. 2 Next, examine the pillow that comes with the watch, if the watch is pre 2012. On the real one, notice the corners. The ends are sewn and square edged while the fake is a one piece fabric. More like an actual pillow. 3 Next, look at the rim of the box base. One side should be wider than the others, and have the "Michael Kors" logo embossed into the top. 4 Next, if there is a date display, look at the alignment. It should be displayed exactly in the center of the window. As you can see in the picture above, it is way too far to the right. 5 Next, look at the "Michael Kors" on the dial. Notice on the real one that the letters do not touch each other and have a clearly seen gap between all of them. The fake one has the letters connecting at the bottom. 6 One more thing to mention about the box is the lid, if the watch is pre 2012. Most of the counterfeit boxes have lids with normal size flaps. Notice on the real one, the lid flaps come almost all the way down the box base.I won't mention the name but there is a website that sells the replica watches for about 10% of the authentic prices. Don't buy from this site, they're junk! 7 Another thing to look at is the subdials. Notice above, two of the subdials have exactly the same numbers on the dial. They should all have different number values. Link to This PageHow to spot fake: Michael Kors Watches - 7 Steps (With Pictures)To link to this page from your website, simply click inside the box, then copy and then paste the code to your web page. (adsbygoogle = window.adsbygoogle []).push(); (adsbygoogle = window.adsbygoogle []).push();

Established in 1981, Michael Kors has evolved to become one of the number one luxury brands in the world of fashion. While they also offer ready-to-wear apparel, eyewear, footwear and more, nothing beats the popularity of the stylish Michael Kors watches. Their spectacular silhouette with glamour dials is coveted by every watch lover in the world. The aesthetics of Michael Kors watches is an urban luxury that also incorporates hints of classicism. Each is unique in its own way, be it for the studded dials or elegant watch straps.


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