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Cycling Tacx T195602 Mont Ventoux France

Cycling Tacx T195602 Mont Ventoux France

Mont Ventoux is one of the most famous and challenging mountains in Europe for cyclists. It is often featured in the Tour de France, where it has witnessed many dramatic moments and legendary performances. For many cyclists, both amateur and professional, Mont Ventoux is a bucket list climb that tests their endurance, strength and willpower.

But what if you can't travel to France to experience this epic climb in person? What if you want to train for it or relive it from the comfort of your home? That's where the Tacx T195602 Mont Ventoux France video comes in handy. This video is a real life recording of the classic route from Bedoin to the summit of Mont Ventoux, which covers 22 kilometers and averages an 8% incline. The video is compatible with Tacx trainers and software, which allow you to adjust the resistance and speed according to the terrain and your preferences. You can also see your performance data on the screen, such as speed, cadence, power and heart rate.


The video takes you through the three distinct sections of the climb: the forest, the barren slopes and the final stretch. The first section is a gentle climb through the beautiful wine country of Provence, where you can enjoy the scenery and warm up your legs. The second section is the hardest part of the climb, where the road gets steeper and the trees disappear, leaving you exposed to the wind and sun. The third section is the last 6 kilometers to the top, where you can see the iconic weather station that marks the finish line. Along the way, you can also spot some landmarks and memorials that commemorate the history and culture of Mont Ventoux.

The Tacx T195602 Mont Ventoux France video is a great way to experience one of the most iconic climbs in cycling history. Whether you want to challenge yourself, prepare for a real ride or just have fun, this video will give you a realistic and immersive simulation of cycling Mont Ventoux. You can find more information about this video and other Tacx products on their website. You can also watch a sample of the video on YouTube. If you want to learn more about Mont Ventoux and its cycling history, you can check out these articles . Happy cycling!


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