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Where To Buy Fastcoin

There are two windows where a coin can create a splitshot. The first is a very brief period after launch where the coin produces a visible flash and makes a twinkling noise. Shooting the coin just as this twinkle appears will create a splitshot. The second opportunity only begins after the coin has been airborne for a while, and is indicated by the coin making a distinct whistling noise as it falls. Once achieved, this window will last indefinitely until the coin hits the ground.

where to buy fastcoin

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Railcoining is a technique wherein the Electric Railcannon's beam is ricoshotted through the same enemy multiple times, maximizing its destructive output; if performed right, it can deal enormous single-target damage and can be used to defeat a Cerberus or Malicious Face in one shot.

Deadcoining is a technique that combines the coin chaining mechanic with the 'deadcoin' period; a short period (0.1s) when coins are thrown where they can't be ricoshot. When a coin chains to another coin, its current damage value is transferred and 1 is added to the value.

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