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Peer To Peer Lending India Pdf Download !NEW!

Peer-to-peer lending websites function like marketplaces. They connect people who wish to lend money with people who need money. It is a means for borrowers to receive money without having to go to traditional lenders, such as banks.

peer to peer lending india pdf download

On many websites, the money that you deposit for peer-to-peer investing is automatically distributed among multiple borrowers. However, on other peer-to-peer lending platforms, you have the option of choosing who you want to lend your money to. Peer-to-peer loan interest rates are often greater than those offered by regular savings accounts.

Simultaneously, data also travels from the user's computer to other computers in the network that ask for it. This situation is similar to a two-way street -- the file is like numerous small bits of data that come to the user's computer but also leave when requested. In fact, the file transfer load distributes between the peer computers.

The report "The Swiss Family Business Model" published by the Credit Suisse Research Institute, reviews the financial performance of publically listed family-owned companies and reveals that the Swiss family-owned businesses have outperformed their local non-family-owned peers by 9% per year since 2006. Further, they also outperformed family-owned peers in Europe and globally. In this report the CSRI draws upon the conclusions from the accompanying analysis in "The CS Family 1000".

In this report, the Credit Suisse Research Institute analyses Switzerland's progress in relation to representation of women on different levels of corporate leadership. The assessment covers 78 Swiss corporations and compares their gender diversity levels with European and global peers.


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