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FHM\\\\'s The New Adventures Of Erek Shawn Internation

FHM's The New Adventures Of Erek Shawn Internation: A Comic Series That Will Make You Laugh And Think

If you are looking for a comic series that is funny, witty, and adventurous, then you might want to check out FHM's The New Adventures Of Erek Shawn Internation. This comic series is created by Digital Art Chefs, a group of Filipino artists who have worked for various publications such as FHM Philippines, Summit Media, and Marvel Comics. The comic series follows the exploits of Erek Shawn, a young Filipino-American who travels around the world and gets into hilarious and sometimes dangerous situations.

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The comic series is published online on FHM Philippines' website, where you can read the latest episodes and catch up on the previous ones. The comic series is also available in print format as a compilation of the best strips. The comic series has been praised by critics and fans alike for its humor, creativity, and social commentary. Some of the topics that the comic series tackles are culture shock, racism, sexism, politics, religion, and pop culture.

The comic series is not only entertaining but also educational. It showcases the diversity and beauty of different countries and cultures that Erek Shawn visits. It also introduces the readers to various facts and trivia about the places, people, and events that are featured in the comic series. For example, did you know that Japan has a festival where people carry giant penises around the streets? Or that Australia has a town called 1770 that is named after the year it was discovered? Or that India has a temple dedicated to rats? These are some of the things that you can learn from reading FHM's The New Adventures Of Erek Shawn Internation.

If you are interested in reading FHM's The New Adventures Of Erek Shawn Internation, you can visit FHM Philippines' website or follow them on Facebook and Twitter for updates and announcements. You can also support the creators by buying their merchandise or donating to their Patreon. FHM's The New Adventures Of Erek Shawn Internation is a comic series that will make you laugh and think, and maybe even inspire you to travel the world.


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